Friday, December 31, 2010

Bye, Bye 2010

2010…you can go at any time. Well, in 12 hours you’ll be gone for good.  I have to say that the first half wasn’t all too bad.  But the second half…we could have done without.  I’m so glad to be entering a new year, one that is fresh and full of promises and possibilities.  Welcome, 2011.

Here are my top 10 memories/moments from 2010…

1. Emmy’s first birthday!!

08 21 10_1186

2. Graduating from Liberty University with a Bachelor in Religion!!  Glad to have all that hard work behind me!

3. Trip to the Columbus Zoo – both of them!
09 24 10_2218

4. Best Thanksgiving ever!!
11 25 10_5681

5. My 31st birthday – photo shoot w/ Miss Katy around town for Homecoming.
09 25 10_2857 edit vintage

6. Building for the first times – end tables in July and Emmy’s easel & baby bed in December.

7. Completing my first quilt – for Emmy Jo’s first birthday
08 21 10_1095

8. Just spending time with Emmy Jo and watching her grow from a little baby to a little person with her own personality.

9. Reading for fun…may sound stupid, but after reading textbooks and journal articles for nearly two years straight, it was wonderful to be able to read just to read…and I’m glad I tackled the Twilight series.

10. Gardening…it was fun planting, harvesting & canning…hard work, but fun. Oh, and yummy!!  Can’t wait to try again in 2011.  Grandpa Jim has already enlarged our garden plot.
04 07 10_9695

Well, there you go.  That’s how I’m going to remember the good stuff of 2010.  What’s your favorite memory/moment?

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