Monday, January 3, 2011

31 Goals New Year Update

It’s been a while since I made an update.  Some goals are complete.  Some goals are well on there way.  Some goals haven’t even been touched.  But I’m really excited at the progress that has been made in the 3 months and a few days since my birthday.

1. Get back into Church.  Still teaching the Jr./Sr. High Sunday School class.
2. Read the whole Bible.  Well, I’ve done Matthew & most of Mark.  My Sunday School class has been studying Genesis. Now that the holidays are over, I plan on getting back into this.
3. Make an apple pie.  Not yet…I have this whole picture of going out and picking the apples myself.  Yeah, like that’s ever going to happen.
4. Sew a skirt. I guess I need to start looking for material for this.  I already know I just want to make a simple A-line.
5. Finish my bedroom.  This one I’m not sure of anymore…As I search for a job, there is a question as to whether I will still be living here full-time.  I really hate the idea of leaving for any amount of time, but if I can’t find a job around home, I’m going to have to really consider going elsewhere.  Which makes this goal hard to define anymore.  Should I even hang the frames?  Should I start the projects I’ve been wanting to do?  I don’t know.  There’s a lot of uncertainty.
6. Make a 2nd quilt.  Yea!!  Here’s one that is finished.  On Christmas Day, I presented Mom & Scott with the 2nd ever quilt I made.  It is called a Baby Bricks quilt and a grandmother of one of my former students gave me the pattern.  I chose to make it in Red, Gray & Black fabrics to match their Ohio State basement.12 25 10_6137(Sorry, I didn’t get a picture before I wrapped it.)
7. Take 20,000 pictures.  By my rough count, I’ve taken 3,182.  Under where it should be, but I’m not concerned. There are so many photo opportunities coming up in this new year.  I actually didn’t take many at Christmas or I might have been closer to pace.
8. Sell something on my etsy store.  I’m almost ready to post my first items.
9. Host a dinner party.  I’m really leaning towards a summer fete in the backyard.  But that also depends on what happens with the job hunt.
10. Get a mani &/or pedi.  Not yet…
11. Weigh 150 lbs.  Getting really serious about this now that the holidays are over.
12. Save $1000.  I’m probably not even close to $100…which probably goes with the not having had a job this entire time.
13.Visit a state I’ve never been to.   I’m hoping to at least get to Nebraska this Spring for a family wedding.
14. Read 20 books.  I’ve only completed one thing since the last update, a really cute Christmas book called Christmas Homecoming.
  1. As Young As We Feel
  2. I Heart Bloomberg
  3. What She Left for Me
  4. Sabbath: Restoring the Sacred Rhythm of Rest
  5. Let Them Eat Fruitcake
  6. Spring Broke
  7. Spring is in the Air
  8. Amazing Gracie
  9. Three Weddings & a Bar Mitzvah
  10. Twilight
  11. New Moon
  12. Eclipse
  13. Breaking Dawn
  14. Christmas Homecoming
15. Grow a pumpkin.  I’ve already been looking into seeds and researching what I need to do to grow them and I think I know what might have went wrong with last year’s crop.
16. Build something.  I did this…for Christmas I made Emmy Jo (with Scott & Nick’s help – I did cut the wood all by myself) an art easel and a baby doll bed.  I’d like to make a bookshelf for my bedroom…but there’s that question again…lol.
17. Get published (article or picture) in a newspaper, magazine or reputable website.   I had even forgot about this.  I do have a topic I wouldn’t mind writing about.
18. Try 10 new recipes.  I haven’t done this yet.  I’ve got some recipes saved that I want to try.
19. Go camping.   I can’t wait for warmer weather so I can enjoy some time with my family camping. I was so bummed our plans this fall didn’t work out.
20 – 29. Do 10 things I’ve never done before.  I was thinking the other day that I had done something for the first time, but then I can’t remember what it was…????  Oh wait, I know what it was.  I was all the way down on #31 and that jogged my memory…I got my hair professionally dyed for the very first time in November.
30. Watch 20 movies.  I watched Eclipse, the third installment of the Twilight Saga.  I started the day watching Twilight & New Moon and then Eclipse.  I think I ended up watching it three times total before I sent it back to Netflix.  Now I can’t wait until November for the first part of Breaking Dawn!!  Then I spent the rest of December watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel.
  1. Letters to Juliet
  2. The Bounty Hunter
  3. The Love Guru
  4. Diary of a Mad Black Woman
  5. The Last Song
  6. Date Night
  7. Madea Goes to Jail
  8. The Pelican Brief
  9. Eclipse
31. Dress more girly.  I need to go shopping…lol.  I have some gift cards to spend. 

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