Monday, November 15, 2010

A Saturday in the City

Bean, Emmy & I took off Saturday morning for Columbus.  Our main destination was our cousin’s house in Grove City so that I could photograph their beautiful new baby girl Maggie.  Maggie’s dad is our cousin Jeremy.  There are 9 cousins in our family and we (Jody, Jeremy & Jil) are the middle three. My sister and I are almost exactly 18 months apart to the day and Jeremy is smack dab in the middle.

This is the three of us, around 1984.

I think Emmy Jo likes her new cousin:
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After we finished the pictures, us girls headed over to the Flower Factory.  It was a zoo in there!! No offense to the actually nice people in Columbus, but there are lots of people in Columbus who do not have any manners at all.  I think Bean was ready to leave within 5 minutes, but luckily we stuck it out because we got lots of decorations for the OSU-Michigan party next weekend and for the Birkhimer Christmas.  By then it was almost 3 and neither of us had ate at all so we headed down the road to O’Charley’s….yum.  Then we headed up 270 to Easton to look at furniture stores and shop at Old Navy and Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Emmy was so good the entire time despite the fact that it was a very long day.  It was one of those days that was just perfect.

So I hope her Mommy & Daddy don’t care, but I had to share just one picture of Maggie Sue.

11 13 10_5175 edit faded daydream

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