Monday, June 18, 2012

the one where I climb a lighthouse

The first time I went to the Outer Banks in September 2001, I fell in love with the Hatteras Lighthouse. I’ve since been to the Bodie Island Lighthouse and one in Florida (Sanibel perhaps?). But I have never went inside one. That changed today.

We are in Virginia Beach this week. I had never been to the Cape Henry Lighthouse.  We decided today to go and check it out. Emmy was too short to go up so Todd stayed behind with her. There is actually two lighthouses.  The old one – which is the first lighthouse that the US built – and the new one across the street that still lights the way to the entrance of the Chesapeake Bay.
        2012 Jun 18_7151Bean in the doorway to the lighthouse. 
 2012 Jun 18_7152
Bean after seeing the stairs – what did we get ourselves into???
2012 Jun 18_7174

     2012 Jun 18_7154   2012 Jun 18_7156
We made it to the top!
Now here’s how to get back down.  First go down this small set of spiral stairs:
2012 Jun 18_7162
Then you have this crazy ladder:
2012 Jun 18_71632012 Jun 18_7165

Stop to take a picture in the window.
2012 Jun 18_7166

Proceed down this crazy spiral staircase that never seems to end.
2012 Jun 18_7170
Take a second to cool off. The breeze through this window is so nice.
2012 Jun 18_7171

Here’s another look at the staircase that made you a little dizzy going up. It is so much fun to have to pass someone on these steps.  The trip back down is so much easier.
     2012 Jun 18_7175
We made it back down!
           2012 Jun 18_7178    2012 Jun 18_7181

2012 Jun 18_7184
Well, who would have guessed? There was a sign on the way up that Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock and I think John Jay & Thomas Jefferson also were volunteer firefighters.
2012 Jun 18_7196
Bean, Emmy & Todd with the New & Old Cape Henry Lighthouses.

Here’s two things I learned today: 1. Even though they allow it, you probably shouldn’t wear flip flops while climbing up the wrought iron stairs of a lighthouse that is over 200 years old.  2. If you or anyone with you is wearing an Ohio State shirt, everyone will talk to you. And I mean everyone – from the military police checking your car for weapons (the lighthouses are on Fort Story) to the people you meet at the top of the lighthouse to that ladies sitting on the bench at the beach front playground to the people in the elevator.  Bean said that everyone seems to have an Ohio connection.  Well, duh – we are the heart of it all!  LOL

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

just a couple completed projects

I spray painted some flower pots last summer, but never planted anything in them.  They were just your basic terra cotta pots in varying sizes.  Some are this pretty turquoise and some are a basic black.  Emmy helped me plant a few of them Memorial Day weekend. I like the punch of color these give the front porch.

2012 May 28_6917

My step-cousin had a baby boy a couple months ago and I finally mailed out this blanket I made Baby Peyton. I’ve had it done for well over a month…oops. Hopefully, he’ll get to enjoy it for a little bit.  It has been pretty cold here.  This was the first blanket I have ever made and I was very intimidated by it.  But I think it turned out pretty good. I followed this tutorial.

Emmy wanted to help me out. She had just gotten up.

2012 May 29_6906 edit

I got this fabric at I thought it was pretty cute for a baby boy.
2012 May 29_6907 edit

The backside has this light brown flannel.  I love how the dark brown stitching pops on it.
2012 May 29_6909 edit