Saturday, July 16, 2011

garden update

Scott & I went to the garden {very early} this morning to do some picking and weeding before it got too hot.
The corn is growing nicely despite the wicked winds that have knocked some over. Should be ready in a week or so. You can see the difference between the first planting and the second planting several weeks later:
2011 Jul 16_03812011 Jul 16_0382
Here’s the tomato plants. We’ve also got some nice banana peppers growing. And cabbage!  Last year the bunnies ate every single cabbage plant.  This year we have one bunny who jumps the fence and just today was the first signs of a deer being in the garden.
2011 Jul 16_03832011 Jul 16_03842011 Jul 16_03852011 Jul 16_0386
Do you see that little white speck in the middle of the next picture?  Guess what it is!  It’s one of my Boo Pumpkins growing.  I’ve had a goal for three years to grow a pumpkin. Container gardening didn’t work. Last year’s garden crop didn’t work.  So excited that it is growing this year!  I planted Boos, Jack Be Littles and I think Connecticut Field Pumpkins.
2011 Jul 16_0387
Here’s some of our cucumbers to make pickles with:
2011 Jul 16_0388
Not sure if this is a pumpkin or a melon.  Their vines have kind of intermixed.
2011 Jul 16_0389
One of the melons we have growing.  And there’s a lot more blooms, too (:

2011 Jul 16_0390
We’ve also got potatoes, onion, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, cantaloupe, green peppers,  butternut squash & spaghetti squash growing, but I didn’t take any pictures of those.

Here’s the loot we took home today: a lot of banana peppers, 2 bags of cucumbers, a couple spaghetti squash, a couple cabbage heads and some broccoli.
2011 Jul 16_03952011 Jul 16_03962011 Jul 16_03972011 Jul 16_0398

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Strawberry Pickin’

So apparently Elli had never been strawberry picking.  So Scott & Julie promised to take her sometime this year.  So Scott arranged for us to go picking…on one of the hottest days of the year at a time when the shade on the patch was gone!  Then he ended up not going b/c he got a tow job to Massillon.

So Mom, Rhett & I took Elli and Emmy Jo to the garden so they could pick for the very first time.  Elli said she liked it.  She didn’t like getting a hold of the mushy ones.
2011 Jun 08_00082011 Jun 08_0009
I didn’t think Emmy would pick any, but she ended up getting a couple.  This is her first one:
2011 Jun 08_00142011 Jun 08_00162011 Jun 08_00192011 Jun 08_00212011 Jun 08_00222011 Jun 08_0027
We managed to get four buckets:
2011 Jun 08_0032
Then Julie treated us to Whits:
2011 Jun 08_0040
And before we got home Emmy & Elli were asleep:
2011 Jun 08_0058