Friday, January 21, 2011

January…so far

January has been a pretty fun month so far.  Ohio State played a great game in the Sugar Bowl…and actually won!  Emmy hung out with me in my living room for a lot of the game.  We had fun just being silly.
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Monday we – Bean, Todd, Emmy, Nick, Bobby & myself -  went sledding.  It was a blast!  I hadn’t been sledding in several years.  I laughed the entire time I was sliding.  For someone who has motion sickness and can’t ride hardly any amusement rides, it was wonderful!  It was Emmy’s first real time playing out in the snow.  She cried a little at first, but she did go down several times.

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Today we’ve gotten about 6 new inches of snow.  Unfortunately, it’s going to be too cold to go out and enjoy it.  Maybe we will crack the paints out and let Emmy try out her new easel. 

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