Monday, October 11, 2010

How I Celebrated My B-Day

Well, this year I celebrated my birthday for an entire weekend.  We started with going to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. So Friday we – Mom & Scott, Nick, Bean & Emmy – headed to the zoo on like the hottest day of September.

  09 24 10_2035

Emmy on her 3rd trip of the year to the Zoo.

09 24 10_2042

This is one of the two Polar Bear sisters that the Zoo has. 
Emmy wasn’t feeling the Polar Bears much that day. 

09 24 10_2070
The Zoo has two brown bears.  These guys are brothers.  A tour guide was there and told about how they came to the Zoo.  Their mother charged at a man & his dog on a trail.  The man was able to get away. Later, a park ranger went up to check it out.  The bear again charged at him and he had to shoot.  And then out of the bush came two little bear cubs.  So the orphan cubs were brought to live at the Zoo.  This day they were very active and were fighting with each other.  Did you know that brown bears don’t like to get their ears wet?

09 24 10_2140

Only one of the two tigers were out.  The tiger just kept walking beside the window, back and forth, back and forth.  I think he may have been guarding the huge bone off to the corner of the window.

09 24 10_2143

Is this how Scott really got injured??

09 24 10_2156  09 24 10_221009 24 10_2261
1. Emmy    2. I think this seahorse daddy was “pregnant”.  3. The temp in the shade…very hot for late Sept.

 09 24 10_2178 09 24 10_2302 09 24 10_2303
1. & 2.  Nick is so funny.  Glad that he became my brother!!   3. Scott & Mom

09 24 10_2306 09 24 10_2556
1. Deuces   2. The best way to end a day at the Zoo is dancing to the musical fountain.  Especially when it was “Hang on Sloopy”. 
We ended Friday with a stop at The Cheesecake Factory for (what else?) cheesecake.

Saturday was my actual birthday.  I watched the beginning and end of the Ohio State game. In between, I took photos of Katy (see previous post).   Then Sunday evening we had a family dinner.

It was a very nice time doing my favorite things…hanging with my family, watching Ohio State, taking pictures and eating cheesecake.

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