Saturday, October 9, 2010

Beautiful Katy

As soon as Katy facebooked me asking if I would take pictures of her for Homecoming, I was so excited!  I knew that this would be a super fun shoot!  And it was!  We spent 2 hours driving around to different locations in town and in the country.  I ended up taking 624 pictures.  My cousin Bobby tagged along as the photographer assistant.  So here are some pictures of Katy...isn't she absolutely beautiful?!?!
09 25 10_2688 bw 09 25 10_2713 bw09 25 10_2735 bw
09 25 10_2748 copy golden
09 25 10_2861 edited
09 25 10_3035 edited

09 25 10_3100 vintage honey
09 25 10_3255 edit

I’m probably only 1/3 done with editing.  She’s such a great model that nearly every picture turned out.  That makes it real hard to pick out which photos are “the best of the best.”  But for a photographer, that’s a great thing!  Thanks Katy for asking me to do this…it was the perfect way to celebrate my birthday!!  Rumor is I might get to shoot this lovely lady’s senior pictures.  Could I be that lucky?

As for my goal of taking 20,000 pictures this year: it was my birthday so these pictures are the first to count towards the goal.  I’m 624 of 20,000. And that, my friends, was just 2 hours.

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