Wednesday, October 2, 2013

lunch in the middle of the river

We spent quite a bit of time this summer at the family's new river lot.  There were several dinners and holiday celebrations.  Even now that the weather is turning we are still using it for things like watching Ohio State football.
As our first year on the river, it was amazing to see just how much the water level fluctuates.  In July, the river got almost as high as the bank.  Yet by August it was low again. So low, in fact, that "islands" emerged from the river bed.  Which brings us to yet another check mark on a goal: 

14. Do 40 things I've never done before. 
On a Sunday afternoon, we joined the owners of our campground for lunch.  We went up river to a spot where a large sandbar had become an island in the river.  We anchored the boats and went exploring the shore.  These "islands" are great for finding river glass and other shells.  My aunt referred to it as "Treasure Island."  Then we cooked hot dogs on a small grill and ate cooler corn.  It was a lot of fun.

A few weeks later, we did it again with Bean & Emmy.  It was perfect weather.  We grilled out.  Spent hours combing the island for river glass.  Some of us even ended up swimming in the river.  I hope we get to do it lots more next summer, and the summer after that, and the summer after that...I think you get the point.

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