Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Garden Is Growing

Unfortunately, so was the weeds.  I spent about 5 hours Saturday & Sunday weeding.  Then Monday, Scott, Emmy & I went down to the garden and spent all day weeding and tilling in preparation of next week’s big planting.  Emmy had a blast playing in the dirt, dancing in the yard and taking a walk with Aunt Chris, who was visiting from Omaha.

The good news is that we have plants growing!  I’m absolutely thrilled the peas grew this year.
IMG_2034      IMG_2035
The onions & potatoes are also growing.
IMG_2036      IMG_2038
And the best news: the strawberries are blooming & even have some fruit!!
IMG_2019 IMG_2022
Bean’s asparagus has taken off.  Should be yummy next year!
Emmy & Aunt Chris:
Ready for more planting:

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